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Energy Community urges BiH to scrap feed-in tariffs for hydropower

Vodozahvat MHE Voljevac, rijeka Vrbas, G.Vakuf/UskopljeRenewable energy installations of a maximum of 500 kW and demonstration projects are the only ones eligible for feed-in tariffs as state aid, the Energy Community Secretariat told officials in BiH, pointing to continued government support for larger hydropower projects.

Local Government in Kakanj Against Small Hydropower Plants

After today’s discussion, the Council has adopted the Decision to reject the previously given consent to awarding concession for building a small hydropower plant “Trstionica”. Also, the Council adopted the conclusions naming Mirza Fazlić to the cantonal committee on behalf of the Municipality and requesting that the conclusion states all the reasons for denying consent, including those the council members indicated during the discussion. The Decision and the conclusion were adopted unanimously.

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