Residents of Višegrad Hope for a Public Debate Due to Endangerment of Their Drinking Water Sources

"Our residents were not informed of a public discussion session concerning the eco permit for the small hydropower plant Jablanica, nor were they able to participate in it as it was never held. The only information about this process was published in Blic daily newspaper on May 25, 2018, as well as on the notice board of Višegrad municipality, which is not a sufficient effort to make it known to a wider community. Consequently, the residents were denied their rights of access to information, public participation in decision-making, and access to justice in environmental matters granted in Aarhus Convention. Open discussion was not organized because the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Construction and Ecology decided that a study of effects on the local environment is not needed regarding the Jablanica small hydropower plant, which is needed as the grounds for an open discussion. This again denied the residents their right to participate via a public discussion."

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