Goražde Residents Want Drina in its Original State, without Walls or Boundaries

A public discussion regarding construction of flood-preventing walls on the banks of river Drina in Goražde was held today, and three variations of the project were presented. The discussion was to serve as an opportunity to improve the proposed solutions, but turned into a public discussion since the general public discussion was never held. The residents decided to reject all three of the options. They want Drina in its original state, without walls or boundaries.

Once again, the major and the prime minister left the discussion uninterested in its outcome and in the opinions of locals. In spite of that, the residents have voted against the form of protection that takes the main bloodline away from the city, which itself is struggling with many serious, unsolved problems. Those who directly experienced the effects of the 2010 flood stated that they would rather experience flooding once every 100 years, than spend the rest of their lives staring at walls of concrete.